By Logging in Administration mode, the user can manage the complete settings and set the basic standards for DEMS. The user controls all the other modules and set permissions and manage the rights for the users.


By Logging in Management mode, the user can manage and alter the functional flow of the complete applications. This includes Application processing, admission processes, Payroll and attendance maintenance. Also they can send and receive feedback, circulars, SMS and Email etc.,


By Logging in Staffs can view their scheduled time table, review their students activities, schedule meetings with the management, parents and students, they can also send and view the feedback, mail and SMS.


By Logging in Students can view their profile, attendance, time table, assignments, exam schedules, circulars & notice board entries, submit their assignments and send feedback to the staffs or to the Management.


By Logging in parents can view their student’s progress report,attendance, time table,assignments and exam schedules.Also can send and view the feedback to the staff and to the Management.